The MOTHER of All Holidays!

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Hi there folks. Blondefabulous here. I just wanted to make you all aware of a VERY important holiday coming up… MOTHER’S DAY!!! Yes it is time to celebrate those nurturing, loving, cupcake baking, school project day before it’s due assemblers in our lives! Oh sure, you can go the traditional route, flowers, spas, & breakfast in bed. Those are all great! I, myself…. I long for something a little different. So here’s a short list of gifts for the irreverent Mom in your life!

Coffee anyone?


Coffee. I love coffee. It makes me human enough to be able to deal with the monumental amount of stupid we have to see on a daily basis. School drop off car line, extreme couponers in the 10 items or less lane, fracktastical drivers on the roads…. it’s like a game that never ends! This shirt expresses why I drink my giant cup of love juice in the AM.  Some days, I need a second cup to get to that +5 wisdom though. This great shirt is available from Snorg Tees for $19.95 and would bring a bit of humor to your mom, humor that will sustain her when she has one of “those” mornings!

Better Living Through Science!




Keeping with the caffeine theme, look at this beautiful necklace! This glittering bit of jewelry is from Think Geek and it is totally awesome! Made from sterling silver with a silver snake chain attached to it, this is one molecule I’d love to wear every day. From the Think Geek site… “Your favorite molecule shouldn’t be relegated to casual Fridays. Bring it with you every day with a sterling silver incarnation. Designed by a wayward Ph.D. post-grad in molecular biophysics, this sterling silver caffeine molecule pendant is about 1.5 inches wide. It hangs from a sterling silver snake chain that can be adjusted for length between 16 and 18 inches.”  You can keep caffeine close to your favorite Mom’s heart for just $84.99!




Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge a huge group of moms out there that I know personally… the Roller Derby Moms! Hey, there are quite a few of us!  Whether it’s skating our own bout, supporting our derby sisters as they skate theirs, or cheering on our little derby spawn at Junior bouts,  the empowerment of the roller derby movement can be felt all over the world and now your own Mom can be a part of it when you give her this shirt! This t-shirt from Wicked Skatewear is a retro throwback to derby  from the 40’s with it’s styling. At $23.99, this is a great gift for Mom. Also, Congrats to Strychnine, (One of Wicked’s co-owners) for becoming a Mom herself! That baby boy is gonna have a frickin’ AWESOME mom when he debuts!


I'm A Goddess Yo!


Does your Mom like to wear makeup? I sure do! Ever since I discovered Sephora, I have expanded my makeup collection, but I also discovered I needed more brushes to apply said makeup! I found this set from Plasticland while browsing the site for shoes! (They have shoes to DIE for!) These six brushes are weighted, come with a velvet carrying case, and have antiqued silver handles shaped like Art Nouveau Goddesses! Talk about feeling like a goddess while putting on your make up! For $45.00 this is a gift mom can use all the time.


Flowers For Mom!


Does mom like flowers?  I really like these flowers and I’m a Mom! These are Cherry Blossom knee socks from Fast Girl Skates, but you don’t have to be a skater to love them! Beautiful reddish pink cherry blossoms wind down the sock along brown branches making a lovely tribute to one of Spring’s most fragrant flowers! These flowers will be with Mom long after the FTD bouquet she got fades from time. $8.00 will get you one pair of these, but really, one isn’t going to make a bouquet. Make sure to get a dozen!


Gamer Mom Approved!


I love to play video games with the kids! We play Mario Bros, Bombermanland, Frogger, you name it. I would be pleased as punch to get this flower bouquet by Think Geek from my kids. 8 Bit throwback is very popular right now and when you think about it, this is the ultimate flower gift for your Mom. They never need watering, they won’t wilt with time and they will make Mom harken back to when she started playing games as a kid! It’s a total win! Also, at $14.99, it won’t break your (piggy) bank either.

Oooo! It's The Wiki Tiki!!


And finally, we all know our Moms need a drink every now and again. No matter if it’s a Mai Tai or just a club soda, Mom is gonna love putting her feet up and sipping out of these Tiki Mugs! Made from ceramic and shaped like 4 different Tiki idols, these little gems will make for a relaxing cocktail for your Mom as she watches you try to clean the house she so meticulously keeps immaculate with almost no effort! Oh who am I KIDDING? It takes a Herculean effort! The set goes for $22.00 and don’t forget to get a pack of those cute little umbrellas for her drink too! (And is it just me, or does the green one look like the Idol Bobby found in Hawaii when the Brady’s went on vacay??)


So there you have it! A short list that thinks outside of the gift box! Now get out there and make your Mama proud!!!!


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Posted on April 30, 2012 by in Featured, Gift Guides

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