Scrub It All Off Baby!

Posted on August 1, 2012 by in Beauty, Green

Hey there all you loyal Buy-Her readers! Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. Got into helping start a new roller derby league and well, the derby monster ate my life! Speaking of the derby monster, lemme tell ya, that beast is smelly, and we aren’t talking your usual “I’ve been working out in the gym” stink! When you attend practices for two hours a session, 2+ times a week in a rink without AC, people can sense your approach before you ever get to the room. Also, your equipment gets pretty gross too, even if you do wash all your pads on a regular basis. Dead skin can build up on the areas under your pads (knee, elbow, wrist) and clog up your skin! What is a girl (or guy) to do about this???

LUSH had the answer for me!


Oooo Grass! No, Not that kind!

Meet Sugar Scrub($5.95) & Grass($9.95-$27.95). These two lovelies smell amazing, and even if they didn’t, the way they work together in the shower is totally amazing! I already use the Grass shower gel, but when I asked the ever so helpful girl in LUSH what I could do for the pad smell, she showed me this little trick. Simply take a small chunk of the Sugar Scrub block, mash it up, then pour a little Grass on it in your hand & mix it around till it makes a paste. After that, scrub any area you need to! The scent is so fresh and clean you feel better right away just from that. The mixture scrubbed away all the dead skin, smell, and even the sharpie off my upper arms! (I was in a bout last Saturday. We use sharpie to mark our numbers on our arms for the refs.) My skin was very soft and clean. Best part of it all was the derby stink was G-O-N-E!

So I know what I’m going to be using from now on after every practice, bout, and scrimmage! It’s also a bonus that LUSH makes everything fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients, and tells you when they were made. I feel good about that, because even though I’m not some big athlete with a contract, I still want to be careful what I use in and on my person so I can perform to the best of my ability! So even if you don’t play roller derby, give this little combo a shot! You’ll be glad you did!


Wife, Mom, Roller Derby Queen. She’s not your typical Domestic Goddess! Living in Florida with her husband HHH and three kids, Blondefabulous, better known as Nicole, stays busy writing, cooking, baking, and playing Blocker for the Pasco County Roller Derby League. She also helps with training for her own Derby Brats and writes a blog called Blondefabulocity. She brings a radical view to beauty, shopping, & fashion when it’s mixed with fishnets, tattoos, & roller skates! Blog: Blondefabulocity On Twitter: @blondefabulous!/blondefabulousRoller Derby Fan Page: Blondefabulous of the SRG



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Posted on August 1, 2012 by in Beauty, Green


5 Responses to “Scrub It All Off Baby!”
  1. Megan says:

    I *pph* Lush. They need to open a store closer to me. I have to smell everything before I buy. What does Grass smell like (don’t say grass…)?

  2. Kerri says:

    I discovered LUSH myself this winter. I am equally enamored with the sugar scrub but Olive Branch is my favorite body wash!


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