The Little Yellow Dress

Posted on August 3, 2012 by in Style

All women have it in their closet whether it is buried deep into the “I will wear you again someday” portion, or in readily available reach for everyday use.  We love the little black dress because it does nice things for our bodies.  But have we ever thought about a dress in a different color that can be just as versatile?

I was strolling through Ann Taylor Loft about a month ago, when I came across a yellow dress on a manikin.  I did not bother to try it on. I just grabbed what I thought would be my size and brought it to the counter to buy with my other selections.  I went home and tried it on, only to find that I was quite pleased with the result.  The dress fit; it was a good shape for my figure and it was a fun summer color.  It is cool and perfect for a “date night” with my hubby.  The one thing my man did point out to me though is that it is a bit translucent.  I basically need to be sure I’m wearing solid colored underwear unless I want to reveal some of my whimsical patterned undergarments!

I think we all need to explore different patterns and colors to substitute the “little black dress.”  It’s the summer, so branch out and be bold!  It doesn’t necessarily need to be yellow, but perhaps a pink or cool aqua would be the color that “works” for your complexion.  I usually find some good buys this time of year at The Loft.  Right now there are summer dresses on sale for $29.50.  Check out the store or their website for the latest deals.

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Posted on August 3, 2012 by in Style


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  1. Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic. JennyB, What motivated you to call this blog “The Little Yellow Dress”, not that the title does not go with the content, I am just wondering. Great job JennyB.

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